8 Benefits of Strawberry Juice

Strawberry juice along with its delicious taste is loaded with all the nutrients required for a healthy body like vitamin C, anti-oxidants, vitamin K, folic acid, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iodine, manganese, and potassium.

strawberry juice

Fights Cancer

Nutrients such as Folate and vitamin C present in strawberry juice reduces the risks of cancer development. Folate aids in metabolizing nucleic acids which includes DNA and normalizes gene Methylation (necessary for performing gene actions). Besides, Vitamin C in strawberry juice also works as antioxidants and looks after human body cells by reducing free radicals that promote cancer.

Keeps your Heart healthy

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Drinking a glass of strawberry juice maintains your sugar level as it contains less amount of sugar and a slighter amount of carbohydrates. So, it helps to maintain the blood sugar levels. Furthermore, the potassium content in strawberry juice maintains the cholesterol level of the body which ultimately keeps your heart healthy. The anti-inflammatory compounds of strawberry juice also help to protect our hearts.

Boosts up Your mind

Strawberry juice takes care of the nervous systems as it holds 13 grams of natural sugars which supplies fuel to the brain cells allowing it to function properly. Moreover, Vitamin C included in strawberry juice also helps to functions nerve communication. Also, copper found in strawberry juice aids in the process of making several other Neurotransmitters and produce chemcials essential for nerve function.

Good for your Eyes


Strawberry juice loaded with vitamin C is in fact good for your eyes. Taking vitamin C regularly helps to make the cornea as well as retina of your eyes stronger. Consecutively, it also aids in reducing the eye problems like near sightedness, weak eyesight as well as cataract.

Builds up Strong Tissues

Strawberry juice strengthens the body’s tissues as it contains vitamin C that boosts the production of collagen which naturally exists in your skin. It is collagen that helps our body properly hold tissues. Plus, manganese included in strawberry juice also assists in collagen making and aids in healing of wounds. As per Institute of Medicine, a cup of strawberry juice in a day gives 43 percent of suggested amount of manganese necessary for men and 56 percent for women.

Protects from Ultraviolet Rays

Strawberries contain acid which protects our skin from the damaging radiation of sun like ultraviolet rays which leads to skin ageing. Likewise, it has Vitamin C as well as other antioxidants which reduce damage done by free radicals to the body. Actually, free radicals speed up the ageing procedure and it is vitamin C that is helpful to block the harm caused by free radicals.

Removes Toxins from the Body Cells

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Strawberry juice is loaded with antioxidants which protects our body from free radicals that damage cells. It has been discovered that the high contents of vitamin C found in strawberry juice stimulates proteins in our bodies that further aids in boosting internal antioxidant making. It also helps to get rid of toxins from cells.

Prevents from Asthma

Strawberry juice is full of Phytonutrient compounds which helps in optimal cellular function as well as communication. This nutrient facilitate in getting rid of inflammatory diseases such as asthma. Over all, it holds the capacity to build a powerful immune system.