Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

A healthy drink, such as lemon water, in the morning is both refreshing and beneficial. The drink is packed with nutrients like potassium, vitamin C, and fiber that helps to keep weight in control, keep you fresh and healthy.

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Below mentioned are the benefits of drinking lemon water.

Health Benefits

Heals stomach problems

Lemon water can help you get rid of several digestion problems including nausea, bloating, belching, heartburn etc. Lemon water loosens toxins found in digestive tract. It plays a role as a cleanser and a blood purifier as well. This fiber rich drink can also cure constipation.

Acts as a liver tonic

Lemon juice also acts as a liver tonic and contributes in digesting your food by assisting the liver produce enough bile juice. It flushes out the contaminants in your body boosting up liver function and stimulating the enzyme function.

It also reduces the amount of phlegm (thick, stringy, sticky, mucus discharged by the mucous membrane). This also helps get rid of gallstones.

Works as weight losing remedy

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Lemons include component called pectin fiber, which reduces hunger cravings. Lemon water works best as a weight lose remedy, when mixed with honey.

According to Eating Well Magazine, people with more alkaline foods (which include lemon) are likely to lose weight faster. Alkalizing food helps you maintain pH level which is significant part since more acidity in the body can cause inflammation.

Cures Throat Infections

Lemon water has antibacterial properties that helps fight against different throat problems like sore throat, throat infections and tonsillitis. Frequent gargle with one-half lemon squeezed in half a cup of water to reduce sore throat problem.

Reduces inflammation

Lemon has anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming lemon water every day will help you reduce the level of acidity, the cause of many diseases, in your body. Acute inflammation that result in pain, swelling, redness and heat can also be reduced by taking lemon water daily. Particularly, drinking lemon water assists in reducing uric acid in your joints, the result of inflammation. Reducing inflammation, it can also calm down irritation as well.

Takes care of your heart


Lemon is very good for your cardiovascular system. The antioxidants found in it can flush the unpleasant effects of toxins as well as injurious free radicals in your blood vessels and heart. The healthy amount of potassium in lemons keeps away several cardiac problems. lemon water also controls high blood pressure, and helps in proper functioning of brain as well as nerves.

Boosts your immune system

Vitamin C present in lemon water, along with taking good care of your skin can boost up your immune system. Acting as an antiseptic, lemon water helps to fight against several viruses and bacteria, reducing the chances of falling ill.

The same vitamin C assists in wound healing and is a vital nutrient for getting healthy bones.

Reduces your stress level

Vitamin C present in lemon water also helps you minimize your stress level. Experts recommend adding extra vitamin C on your diet list during stressful days.

Stimulates the role of central nervous system

Lemon water contains potassium present in high amount which plays vital role in boosting the role of Central Nervous System (CNS). It can also protect you from several physical disorders and helps stay energized.

Maintains dental health

The natural antiseptic features in lemon water aids in getting rid of harmful bacteria inside mouth and helps take care of your dental health.Toothache problems can be reduced by applying lemon water over it. If you have gum bleeding, bad smell or other problems related to gums, massaging with lemon juice can be helpful.

Cleanses the urinary tract

Lemon water is diuretic in nature which increases the production of urine and it further helps to release toxins at a faster rate. Purifying your system, lemon water helps to make your body healthy. Lemon can also maintain the pH level of the urinary tract and helps get rid of problems created by bad bacteria.

Benefits for skin

Fights with harmful free radicals

Lemon is loaded with natural antioxidants. It can fight with injurious free radicals removing them fully from your body.

Glowing skin

The antioxidants present in lemon water help to decrease blemishes and reduces the signs of ageing. Lemon, being a natural antibacterial medicine, can heal skin related problems. Lemon holds vitamin C that helps in rejuvenating skin and presents a glowing skin.

Maintains the damaged skin cells

Lemon is full of vitamin C. This vitamin repairs unwanted and damaged skin cells. Plus, it also helps you chuck out blemishes, deep furrows, wrinkles and the like. For this reason, lemon water is identified as an anti-aging way out.

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Remove blackheads

Apart from acting as an anti-aging remedy, it can also remove blackheads and blemishes. Lemon water is more useful if used topically on the burnt skin and also aids in fading scars. You may also drink it on an unfilled stomach in the morning to get best results.

Cleanses toxic materials

Lemon water also rinses toxic substances from your blood and helps you keep the skin clean and healthy. Vitamin C found in lemon rejuvenates the facial skin preventing your skin from getting age spots as well.

Reduces hair problems

Hair growth

Lemon water holds natural stimulating features for your hair and helps in the proper growth of your hair.

Cures dry scalp

With its antioxidants content, lemon water is useful for curing dry scalp too. It also prevents dandruff everlastingly.

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Maintains the level of oil

In case, if you have oily scalp, rinsing your hair with lemon water will be useful as it can maintain the level of oil discharged through sebaceous glands and puts off the obstruction of the hair follicles.

Side Effects

Along with several benefits, lemon water can also cause side effects if you consume excess amount of it. Consuming excess amount of lemon water may erode the natural coating of your teeth and make your teeth sensitive. Though, lemon water solves several stomach problems, drinking this beverage too much can upset your stomach as it holds high acidity level. It may momentarily irritate mucous membranes leading to stomach pain or heartburn. To prevent the side effects, drink only limited amount of lemon water.

How to make a glass of lemon water at home?

  1. Take a glass of water.
  2. Cut a fresh lemon into half and squeeze into the glass removing the seeds.
  3. You can add honey or salt for flavor before serving.

Drinking lemon water every day will help you get several benefits. Loaded with all the goodness, drinking a glass of lemon water every morning will offer a lot of benefits.