Tips to Help You Clean Up After New Year’s Party

New Year – New beginning, it’s bound to begin with one hell of a celebration. You must have thought of some New Year resolutions, like last year. If there’s anything to learn from your last New Year’s party, the first resolution to take up is not losing your mind during the after-party clean up.


As human beings, our body and mind are programmed to excel in lots of different stuffs, but cleaning up is definitely not it. But, worry not; we have come up with these 5 simple tips for effective clean up after your New-Year Party. Now, reading this alone will not magically have your house neat and tidy, boy! how I wish it did. But, Hey! This is definitely a start on how to pre-plan your hectic clean up task.

Right after the party’s over, the mess your house will be in can be overwhelming. But, it’s best to lay back and re-energize yourself before you try and sort out what will seem more messed up than world politics. The only thing you need to do before you tuck in after the party is over is

  • store the remaining foods
  • collect all washable dishes and let it soak in the kitchen sinksoak-dishes-sink

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Where to start?

Fastest way to get about with your cleaning is knowing how to order your trash. Yes people, it does sound bit too over the top, but you got to do it. Let’s just categorize your chores as The Inside and The Outside.


The Inside

  • It’s best to start from upper rooms (or say, the most inside of the house), so you can work your way outside and centralize the clutter.
  • Focus on the recyclable bits first. Gather all the half-filled glasses and empty it down the kitchen sink. Grab trash bags and start collecting plastic glasses, plates, paper and so on.
  • Now, most of your mess will probably be on the floor. Broken glasses and bottles will probably leave you scratching your head. Just tip toe around the mess and vacuum everything. You will have everything tidied up in no time.

The Hard Bits

Getting gums off the wall
Gums on the wall could be extremely tiring, as they will fight you to come off. We have got the perfect hack for you.

  • Grab an ice cube and put it against the gum. The gum will fall off once it’s hardened with cold.

Next are the stains. Whether it’s coffee or some other food, stains won’t come off easy, and it could ruin the look of your whole room. There are quite a few methods to get the stains off. The wet stains and dry stains have different methods of removal. Read on to know more about some handy stain-removal-hacks.

  • Vomit stains are among the worst, added to the fact that they are disgusting. Use baking soda and water to get it off.
  • Variety of wet stains can be removed using vinegar and water.
  • For coffee and tea stains, you can always use some beer. You will be amazed at how well this little hack works. Baby wipes are quite effective in getting rid of the coffee stains as well.
  • For dry stains, use candlewax, makeup, ball point ink, salad oils etc.


  • The faster you set about to get rid of the stains, the easier it will be.
  • Don’t rub the stain or try to push it, simply try to absorb it with tissues or sponge, and always start from the sides.
  • Remove as much debris as possible.
Getting rid of Glitters
  • If glitters on your furniture and other parts of room aren’t part of your decoration, use play-dough to get them off.


The Outside

Fireworks remaining, wrappers and glasses will have consumed the most area. Once again, order your trash. It might seem time consuming in theory, but you will be doing yourself a favor.

  • Do what you did inside and collect all plastic glasses, plates and notable trash that can be handpicked inside a trash bag. Do not attempt to pick up the firework debris, wrappers and packaging. Also, be wary of any broken glasses.
  • Leaving the garden overnight will probably have cooled everything off, like the fireworks debris to be specific. Use a sweep rake to sweep everything into a pile, and store it all in a trash bin.
    A word of advice – Don’t be lazy and dump everything in street drains. The trash will come back and haunt you in near future, that’s how karma works.
  • The last thing you need to do is be a responsible adult, and also clean your neighbors’ yard, obviously made by your guests during the wild night you had.