How to Deal with Arrogant People

Arrogant people are a menace to everyone who is unfortunate enough to cross their paths.

They have a hard time stopping themselves from self-praise and projecting their greatness and superiority to you in everything.

A conversation with them is painful because they just can’t shut up about their accomplishments.

Arrogance can be mistaken for confidence as arrogant people have the ability to manipulate our perception of them in order to keep up with their false sense of perfection.

This false sense of confidence in arrogant people repels other people from them because nobody particularly enjoys feeling like their accomplishments and strengths don’t matter.

Spot arrogant people in your life.

It is important that we do not misjudge arrogance for confidence. There is a fine line between the two, and we should be able to distinguish which is which.

Arrogant people make sure that other people know how awesome they are. They never fail to emphasize their successes and qualities during conversations.


Don’t fall prey to their narcissism.

Arrogant people can’t stand looking bad in front of others so they divert attention from their imperfections and get others to see them as flawless and special.

So, the most important thing that you need to remember when dealing with arrogant people is that they are not above you.


Maintain your confidence.

Listening to someone gloat about their perfect life can easily dishearten or intimidate you if you lack self-confidence. But, if you have a strong sense of self and believe in your strengths and accomplishments, then no one can tell you otherwise.

Divert the conversation elsewhere.

Arrogant people couldn’t care less if other people are disinterested; they care about hogging all the attention. When you feel their domination over a conversation, casually change the topic.

This will take the wind out of them and shorten their brag session. But they will most likely try to revive the topic or find some other thing to shine a light on their superiority. Now what?


Courteously withdraw from the conversation

You have put up with the condescending remarks and I’m-better-than-you’s so far, but they are going on and on and on to get you to recognize their greatness.

Distance yourself from the conversation by limiting your words to ‘I see’, ‘Really?’, ‘Oh’ and throw in some occasional nods to put your disinterest across.


Keep your distance

Since having a conversation with arrogant people can be such a pain, you should just keep away from such egomaniacs. Stay out of their way and reduce the amount of time you spend with them.

The Last Resort: Cut ties

Some people are so vain that they will actively try to belittle you to feed their sense of self. The only way to deal with such people is to avoid them completely.