10 signs your soul is waking up

Soul awakening is something that can be gained by going deeper and beyond the mind. Soul awakening is unfathomable as it cannot be explained nor can be understood by using brains. To understand enlightenment/ soul awakening, one must experience it. Mind and body are the manifestation of the soul. No any person can awake their soul, unless they let go of their egoist thoughts.

What Not to Feed Dogs

Some food items should never to be given to your dog. Even though they are perfectly healthy for you, these foods are very harmful and may be poisonous to your dogs. These foods can sometimes even be fatal due to their rate of metabolism. You should not only avoid giving these foods but never even keep these foods within the reach of your pet dogs.

The Color Symbolism Blue

Blue is one of the most loved color among majority of people. It is the color of the sky, ocean and water. This color has many different shades ranging from the pale ones to the dark ones. But the most basic shades of blue are Pale blue – It is a very light shade of blue which depicts creativity, healing, solitude and freedom

Myths About Watching TV

The pros and cons of watching television have been debated ever since its inception. By now, it has been abundantly clear that watching television itself is not disastrous, but in fact it depends on what you watch and how you watch it. Parents, especially, are overly cautious about what their children are watching and they should be. Along with the effects of TV on the brain, there are other myths about going on about TV even to this day, which are in serious need of debunking.

How to Make the Most of your Weekends

Weekends seem to pass unbelievably fast. One minute you are thinking its Saturday Tomorrow and baam! You don’t know what you did, except it’s already Sunday evening and you have got a ton of things to do. We have all been there. And, we all want that to change. What’s ironical is it all depends on our own organizational skills.

10 Myths about Old People

It is obvious that with age, human body slowly degrades over time leaving the lasting effects in the physical and mental health of a person. Old people are comparatively weaker than their own former self and their mental stature might not be at as best in contrast to their younger version. But, ageist stereotypes have certain beliefs that depict old people as too weak, demented or on the contrary, too wise.

Why your organization needs a corporate chair massage

You’ll agree with me when I say: Unhappy employees can cost your company millions. It is found that happy employees are almost 12% more productive than others. So, keeping your employees happy should be your number one priority. But how would you do this keeping your costs at a bare minimum? Corporate chair massage.

DIY Coffee Scrub to Reduce Stretch Marks

A morning starting with coffee can be a perfect kick-off of the day. But coffee can be more than just a drink. Coffee is rich in anti-oxidant, anti-cellulite and anti-inflammatory elements which can give you best skin results. A coffee scrub helps to exfoliate your skin and get rid of cellulites. A simple coffee scrub can be prepared with things easily found in your pantry.

How not to be late

Being late is one of the worst characteristics anyone could have. The only thing being late proves is that you are irresponsible, lack organizational skills and disrespectful towards other’s time. Its not about the occasional lateness which cannot be helped. Some people have the tendency to be late every time. We all know these people who just can’t help it. Even if they wake up at 6 am, they will still be late for the 9 am meeting, every time.

How to Handle Talkative Person

We all encounter few of those Sir Talk-a-Lots, or Ma’am Talk-a-lots, who just don’t know when to shut up. And, it’s impossible to handle them, or get away from them. This is especially tough when it’s your long time friend, family member, or friend/sibling of someone close to you. But, the only way to handle … Read more