How to Escape Out of the Friend Zone for Guys

Friend zone has been defined as the no man’s land, bottomless well, and various other synonyms over the internet, which makes it sound like the ultimate doom. When one thinks about being befriended by your crush, without any commitment or benefits, it could be considered as the ultimate doom.

Other than the rare circumstances when someone might deliberately try and take advantage of your nicety, being friend zoned is your own fault. It happens to the best of us though, and there is no shame in that. But, it is best to avoid it. Be aware about the signs of being friend-zoned.

Hard to escape from vicious friend zone.
If you were unable to stop acting so desperate and needy, you are probably already in the friend zone. Follow tips below to escape from the friend zone.

Don’t be too available

When you are neglecting your own personal life to be available for that “person”, you are not leaving an impression. In fact it might appear that you are showing signs of desperation. And that never works. If you want to be valued, you should do the exact opposite. Make yourself scarce. Do not wag your tail and tend to their needs every time they text you. When you are not in their service every time, they will feel the loss and their desire for you is likely to increase. However, if they make no attempts to fulfill your desires and make fewer contacts with you, move on. Either way, you are out of the friend zone.

Be Less Interested

If you feel like you are in the friend zone, then you are the one “giving” and there is no balance. Romantic relationships cannot form on such grounds. Stop making her the center of your world and take a step back. When you are constantly fulfilling their needs and desires, you will come off as needy and desperate. However, if you manage to leave an impression that you are willing to walk away and you might not be that interested, you will definitely gain some power to drive the relationship. Strange thing: Human nature, we want what we cannot have.


Making girl jealous to get out of friendzone

When you have followed the two guidelines from above, it’s time to make some new “friends” or hang out with the friends of the sex you are attracted to. Talk to your crush about these new friends and let him/her know that you had a great time even without him/her. A little jealousy and sense of competition will take you a long way and work wonders for you. Unless you are too far down the friend zone, in which case there will be no jealousy and you guys might slowly start to drift apart.

Cut Back on Favors

Trying to win some one over by doing countless favors to them is absolutely the worst idea. On the contrary, there is more chance of someone getting attracted to you when they are the ones doing favor for you. When you are consistently there for them doing every little thing for them, you might even come off as errand boy/girl. So, start asking for favors instead. Smallest of details, like asking for a ride or getting you a drink will matter. Also, let them know you are thankful when you receive favors. This will make them feel good about themselves and entice them to keep on doing stuffs for you.

The Touch Barrier

Usually the difference between the friendship and relationship is distinguished by the manner of touch. Physical touch communicates a good deal. But, you should be really careful with where you touch, especially if you are not sure what the other person feels about you. It’s understandable if you are nervous to take touching risks. But, if you are not going to go through with them, you are never going to develop a romantic relationship with that person. Keep in mind that some people are affectionate with their friends and simple touches might not mean anything. Nevertheless, touching in platonic or romantic ways definitely plays a key role in developing a relationship.

Let Them Know

The most common reason for anyone ending up in a friend zone is the miscommunication of feelings. You might have been attracted ever since the first meet but unable to convey your feelings. Thus, you have no right to complain about being trapped in the friend zone. You can’t expect them to magically know about your feelings. You have to tell them.
You can play all the little tricks and games to escape from the friend zone. But, in the end, it will come down to this. Either directly or indirectly, you will need to let them know about your feelings and the kind of relationship you want. This might work either way for you. But, you will be out of the friend zone for good. There is no point holding yourself back, clinging on to the same person out of desperation. As they say; There are plenty of other fish, just use the right bait.