How to Stay Positive

Staying positive can be a tough job when life gives nothing but lemons. We are no Buddha; we do get cranky in situations when things don’t go as per our plans. The negative emotions whirl up entirely in our mind and body making us rather restless and depressed. Nevertheless, keeping these few things in mind might help you get through and make lemonade out of those lemons.

Cons (Negative Signs) of Being an Escapist

As an escapist, you might be creative and even happier when you are lost in your own world, but escapism does have its share of negative traits. When pushed to a next level, escapism might even feel like a curse more than a boon. Here, we have discussed five negative signs of being an escapist.

Five Positive Signs You’re an Escapist

Everyone’s got an escapist inside of them. The term “escapist” can be generally defined as the tendency to escape from reality and be lost in the world of dreams and fantasies. It’s not entirely a bad thing to be an escapist, but it does have its own share of positive and negative traits. There is an old saying, “Even the sugar tastes bitter when taken excessively”. It’s the same thing with escapism.

5 Tips for Coping with a Really Bad Day

Once in a while, there are days when everything goes wrong: the traffic is never-ending, your boss figures out new reasons to yell at you, your girlfriend decides to make this day the most dramatic day of your life, you drop your phone to crack your screen, and the list goes on and on. These kinds of days are inevitable and could happen to anyone. The universe has a mysterious way of pouring every bit of bad luck upon us at times.

7 things you need to follow to lead a happy life

People tend to find happiness by making the outer looks more appealing and appraising, winning an argument, earning lots of money, sex, food, gamble, shopping, excessive use of alcohol and other drugs, and various materialistic possessions. You become happy but these kinds of happiness don’t last long. The long lasting and true happiness comes from our inner-self because you become what you think. So, to be truly happy, you need to follow the seven things.

How to Get Out of a Bad Mood

As human beings, we have a wide range of emotions. All of us get in a bad mood, once in a while. It’s inevitable. Eventually, we do get out of it. Often, it takes a while for us to get out of the bad, and little bit of bad mood can hamper in all aspects of our life. Most of the time, we don’t even understand the cause of our bad mood.

Why We Should Give-Up Cynicism

Cynics are more alert about the surrounding situations and are always vigilant about everyone’s motives. This can help them be wary of back stabbers, and be exploited by anyone. Cynicism is a defensive mechanism. A little bit of cynicism can help us be realistic about things and takes us a long way. However, too much of it can cast off negativity in our life. There is much to lose than to gain by being a cynic.

How to Deal with Negative People

Having negative people around you can be frustrating. They tend to suck all the joy out of you. It’s not that they are evil and have bad intentions, but whenever they start talking to you or even just around you, you can almost feel yourself being drained, your mood starting to ruin itself. Negative people can be harmful in a sense that they can cast off their effect on you. Continuously being around a negative person is definitely not healthy.

Signs of a Cynical Person

A cynical person is someone whose outlook towards any matter is always negative. They think everyone is motivated by their own selfishness. They believe that the world is incapable of unselfish duties. It’s good to be alert about the worst things to come in life, but destroying every bit of positivity with the constant worrying and negativity will not be doing any good. Cynical people are continuously worried and they can scarcely think of any source of positivity towards anything.

Signs of a Negative Person

We cannot always choose the situations we go through in life, but, we can definitely choose the company around us. How or what we turn out in life is largely influenced by the company we keep. Negative people can be extremely tough to deal with. I am not talking about those who occasionally give you real talk about your life, which could be negative remarks or criticism. Instead, I am talking about those who are negative from the core and aren’t able to see positivity in anything.