How to know if you are in love

Love is a beautiful feeling that helps a person to encounter beautiful as well as sour memories. Its not necessarily important for a person to have his/her first love to be proven successful. A person who endures love can experience and know love in a better way. Love can hurt sometimes but makes a person alive. There are many ups and downs that hits the way of the lovers hard. Only through mutual understanding and love can they get through the tough times.

8 Signs You Have Found Your True Love

True love is very rare these days. We have made rules for love. Rules of similarities and rules of attraction are mainly regarded as the basis for love nowadays. We are using rules and logic to choose our partners, all the time using our mind to make decisions. Any love relationship that has certain rules and logic is not love because love comes direct from heart, not mind.

Lust VS Love Know the Difference

Love and Lust has been the forever long dilemma among humans. More often than we would like to admit, we are greatly mistaken about our feelings. And, it’s easy to mistake lust for love. Both the times, we feel immensely attracted towards someone. The very thought of that person distracts us and we experience mental and emotional instability within us.

Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas for Your Girl

You know you love her and want to spend the rest of your life with her. Obviously, you want that moment to be incredible. Here are some amazing ideas to propose your girl and hear the YES. Well, a girl just needs someone who truly cares from his heart. These will just give you the right way to show that you do.

Signs of Commitment Phobe

While some people are capable of spilling their heart out and form a strong healthy relationship, there are some who are afraid of commitment. Their fear of commitment is usually the fear of getting the heart broken, again. When you have been betrayed or heart-broken a few times, it comes naturally to be cautious; it might also be the result of some childhood issues. There are not much dead giveaways to decide if someone is a commitment phobe.

How To Move on From A Relationship

Getting over a relationship isn’t easy but it’s not impossible as well. Always remember before you found him/her you used to live alone and you were happy just by yourself. Don’t ever lose your hope on love because of one breakup. There is always Mr./Ms perfect waiting at the door for you. Don’t stay sad and choose to be happy.

8 Signs you are in a Bad Company

The kind of people we choose to have around us has a massive impact on our lives. ‘You are the average of 5 people around you.’ If you have positive people driven towards their goals around you, that’s what you will turn out to be. On the other hand, if you are surrounded by addicts … Read more

How to End Bad Relationship in Right Way

Are you in bad relationship? Get out of it. Increasing number of people taking relationships lightly have resulted to millions of unhappy and failed relationships worldwide. It’s always wise to save our relationship and keep it healthy. However, sometimes no matter how much we try, things do not work accordingly and relationships turn out to be burden. They tend to affect us mentally, emotionally, and physically.

9 Things Women Hate About Men

Men and women have a completely different thought process and there is a difference in the way they communicate. Men, in general, are shallow beings and their lack of understanding often annoys their female counterparts. Of course any list of things women hate about men would probably be endless. Here, I have taken the liberty to scribe down few of things about men that most annoys women.

6 Benefits of Flirting

Flirting is a great way to let someone know you are interested. No romance has ever been possible without flirting. Back in the days when marriages were arranged, it took certain time and good bit of flirting before the spouses finally start getting comfortable with each other. Even if you are in a committed relationship, healthy casual flirting will do you no harm. You need it even more if you are single.