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How to Sleep Better

Scheduled and quality sleep is important for healthy living. You can prevent yourself from negative things like bad mood swings, fatigue and many other health related problems with proper sleep. Disturbed sleep disturbs all other aspects in your life.

To prevent things from affecting your personal and professional life, you might want to follow some or all of the tips given below.

Benefits of Sleeping

Sleeping well is one of the best lifestyle changes everyone should make to achieve good health. A good night’s sleep keeps us healthy and active. It prevents diseases and helps you do your work properly by keeping you refreshed.

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

Sleep is one of the basic needs for good health. Humans spend one third of their entire lives sleeping. The need of sleep is very high as optimal functioning of the body is only possible with good amount of sleep. The right amount of sleep recommended vary as per the studies and differ from person to person.

Myths About Watching TV

The pros and cons of watching television have been debated ever since its inception. By now, it has been abundantly clear that watching television itself is not disastrous, but in fact it depends on what you watch and how you watch it. Parents, especially, are overly cautious about what their children are watching and they should be.

How to Make the Most of your Weekends?

Weekends seem to pass unbelievably fast. One minute you are thinking its Saturday Tomorrow and baam! You don’t know what you did, except it’s already Sunday evening and you have got a ton of things to do. We have all been there. And, we all want that to change. What’s ironical is it all depends on our own organizational skills.

Benefits of Drinking Water

Sugary drinks or alcoholic drinks are very popular even though they are very hazardous to health, whereas the healthiest drink is ignored most of the time. You might think juices are healthy, but the high sugar content in them is not good for your health. Yes, juices contain nutrition that is good for the body, but there is yet another drink that is ignored, which is water.

10 Myths about Old People

It is obvious that with age, human body slowly degrades over time leaving the lasting effects in the physical and mental health of a person. Old people are comparatively weaker than their own former self and their mental stature might not be at as best in contrast to their younger version. But, ageist stereotypes have certain beliefs that depict old people as too weak, demented or on the contrary, too wise.

How to Lie Convincingly

Lying in itself is a talent. While the general idea is to go with the truth, nothing but the truth, lies can definitely come in handy once in a while, right? The point is we shouldn’t be lying at all. Yet, we are often in circumstances where we must lie to get out of the situation, whether it’s hiding from parents that you are drunk or making excuses for incomplete home works with your teacher.